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Festivals and events dedicated to the arts are increasingly becoming forums for people to voice their opinions on broader cultural, social, and political problems.

A festival event or gala is a gathering of people organized by a local community to highlight and honor some feature of that community or the Festival. A feast is a series of events held in honor of God or gods in many religions. Historically, a feast and a festival have been used interchangeably.

However, the term “feast” has become a synonym for any large or extravagant dinner in secular usage. When the term “festival” is employed, it usually alludes to a religious event rather than a film or art festival. The Spanish word fiesta is used to refer to a communal religious feast honoring a patron saint in the Philippines and many other former Spanish colonies.

National, religious, and seasonal cultural festivals are only a few examples. They all have the same purpose: to make our lives happier and to improve our sense of community.

National Events: They bring us together as a nation’s people. National festivals connect residents to significant periods in a country’s history, such as the nation’s founding day, our independence day, or in Europe, the European Union’s founding day. VE Day (Victory of Europe in WWII) is commemorated across the continent, with several countries declaring it a national holiday. They help to strengthen patriotic feelings in society.

Religious Events: Religious celebrations are significant for families. To keep things simple, we can all agree that religious festivals assist us in instilling morals and ethics in future generations. The message of love, tolerance, and understanding is conveyed through all religious festivals. On these occasions, we thank God for the unique occurrence or event that occurred on this particular day.

Seasonal Events: People’s attitudes toward nature are reflected in seasonal festivals. These celebrations are significant because they are linked to food availability. Before partaking in any of nature’s blessings, humans should adore it and acknowledge its beneficence.

The current situation of Events:

Festival Events are now known as ‘Sale Seasons’ and ‘Big Discount Days.’ We now know more about local and regional festivals than ever before, such as Varalakshmi Puja, Akshay Tritiya, Teej, Karwa Chauth, and so on, than we do about regular ones like Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas, Id-Ul-Fitr, and Janmashtami, simply because these are bumper days in a marketing head’s kitty. But how well do we understand our festivals and their significance? How much of it will we be able to pass down to our children?

What options do we have?

We need to reflect and reproduce the magic of growing up in innocent times by boosting their imaginations because we are becoming increasingly busy, families are becoming smaller with single children and no siblings.

Let us celebrate the big and small moments of every event by sharing our culture and local cuisines. Let us instill all of the amazing stories and moral values in our children’s life. We can dress up our children, decorate our homes, and use the internet to try to re-create the magic of our childhood. Being well-informed is a thrilling experience!

Such events will promote enjoyment and affection among children, friends, and family, in addition to strengthening relationships and friendships.

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