Face / Off 2 may be for Godzilla Vs. Kong director Sean Archer & Castor Troy will return

Filmmaker John Woo’s 1997 action blockbuster Face / Off has recently become a cult classic. The story of the film, in which a cop and criminal, Sean Archer and Castor Troy, exchange identities by surgically swapping their faces is often referred to as one of the most bizarre premises in Hollywood history. With the coming Face / Off 2 With Adam Wingard leading the way, expect the action to take even more. But the story will still revolve around the personal lives of Sean and Castor, as Wingard recently confirmed to Deadline.

“I’ll get the next thing available quickly. Maybe this is Face / Off 2. When I watch Face / Off, some people have said that if you want to follow this movie, it’s about the surgery, a science for me, it is now what it is. It’s part of it and makes it so unique and fun. But the story is really about the characters. Sean Archer and Castor Troy. The movie is a continuation of their story and what it means. ”
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While the purpose of sci-fi is to envision new technologies without worrying about their base, Face / Off’s face-swap technology has often been criticized for allowing too much freedom in how the human body works takes. Wearing someone else’s face doesn’t change your voice or body type to mimic theirs too. In an earlier interview with UPROXX Adam Wingard had indicated that this time an attempt will be made to address the mechanisms of face swapping more convincingly.

“There are always a couple of ways you can approach things like this … We try to address that in this film because that too is more than 20 years down from the first film. So technology in terms of what I’m in Face / Off is the world they can do has moved on, and those kind of things, so we’re trying to make sure that when that stuff comes up we check those boxes and make sure it is addressed. But at the end of the During the day it’s like that. Yes, that’s all I’ll say about it, because it’s one of the things. I don’t want to reveal a little too much too soon. ”

Of course, what audiences ultimately want from a movie like Face / Off is a fun time in the theater instead of getting caught up in the internal logic of the story. To that end, the lead actors’ appearances are likely to affect the reception of the face / off sequel more than the way they present the face-swap process.

It remains to be seen whether Travolta and Cage will be the lead actors in the upcoming film as Sean Archer and Castor Troy, or whether new, younger leads will be used in their place. One thing fans of the original will undoubtedly miss will be the dexterous, skilled hand of John Woo on the director’s chair, which was a major factor in the original Face / Off’s commercial success. The director’s first quote is from Deadline while the second quote is from Uproxx.

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