Erica Mena shows her curvy body on the gram – check out her post

Erica Mena shows her body again for the gram, check out her post here.

“I’m in love with @ShopYahaira Body Shaper because it sculpts your body without plating your bum!,” said Erica.

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Someone posted, “What happened to their teeth … omg” and one follower said, “What’s wrong with your teeth and lips, why?”

Someone else posted this message: ‘Are you high mommies? Or are you in a hurry? Go ahead and do your best shot with your back clapping. But I only notice your behavior, “and one commenter said,” Girrrrrl, I saw your other video and I order it. I received it yesterday and it’s the best faja.

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Someone else said, “No, don’t buy what you sell. Your body is beating and you don’t wear that shit … respectfully ❤️ ‘and someone else said,’ These teeth are awful. Girl! You need to go back and get a fix. ‘

As one fan wrote, “Okay, I know this is a paid promo, but I bought some of these after having my son a few years ago and I would highly recommend it. This is one of my favorite shapers. Gives you the right curves and it’s sturdy, doesn’t slip and makes my ass look phenomenal. If you haven’t already, you should buy one. ‘

In other news, Erica Mena showed the amazing dress her daughter Safire Majesty has. It’s a version of her mother’s wedding dress and it’s amazing. Check out the video below.

‘@ryanpatrosofficial & @waltercollection literally gave me butterflies again. @safiremajesty now has her own version of my wedding dress. I tear it up to look at it. That feels it brings me. I can’t thank you Kings enough. The thoughtfulness and time it took you to do this for her is sooo much appreciated. We’ll keep this forever! ‘Said Erica.

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