Elsa Hosk Compares Her Pure Beginning Expertise to “Horror Film Darkness” in Highly effective Essay

Elsa Hosk penned an emotional essay about her difficult—but ultimately rewarding—birth experience with her first baby with partner Tom Daly

The Victoria’s Secret model wrote a six-part essay on Instagram, alongside beautiful maternity photos, that detailed how, after watching the Ricki Lake documentary The Business of Being Born, she made the decision to have a water birth at home without pain relieving medication. The 32 year old shared how she experienced painful contractions hours before her baby, who the couple named Tuulikki Joan, arrived. 

“It feels like she will never come out,” Elsa explained in her essay. “I start doubting if I can do this, hang in there, get her out. Then I remind myself that I can’t just stop, there’s no way but through the pain. The baby can’t stay in there, she needs to come out. I pretend Every contraction is a wave, I have to take a deep breath and dive under it and not let the air out until it’s over.”

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