Dwayne Johnson credit daughter, 2, with nice milestone with assist from Moana Tune

You're welcome, dad!

On his Instagram on Saturday, November 14th, Dwayne Johnson shared an important milestone: his Moana character Maui's song "You & # 39; re Welcome" from the hit 2016 Disney hit, which he sings himself, went platinum four times last month. This means that more than 4 million copies of the single were written by Hamilton & # 39; s Lin-Manuel Miranda, were sold.

Johnson wrote, "A great dad, thanks for the real reason this song is 4Xs Platinum and growing – my 2 year old boss, baby Tia Who LOVES it when I sing this song to her but have no idea that I'm actually Maui – which makes it so much awesome. "

The actor has had a running gag in the family for a year now: he sings "You're Welcome" and then asks Tia (full name: Tiana), the youngest of his three daughters if he's actually Maui.

And based on the many videos he's posted, she either doesn't understand they are one and the same, or she's just trolling her dear old dad.

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