Drag Race Recap: Was the Real Queen Caught From Season 13?


After two long weeks of peace in the Queen, another contestant was finally sent to pack the episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race that featured the long-awaited Season 13 Snatch game.

Let’s start with the few good appearances, some of which could possibly go down in history alongside the greats:

* Gottmik as Paris Hilton was shockingly spot on, easily the best of the lot. From the wrong voice to the face shaping to the Ibiza shoutout, it was just * cooking kiss * perfection from start to finish. I wish the jokes were a little stronger, but I’ll be fine with pretty funny and disturbing exactly.

* Symone as Harriet Tubman was definitely among the riskier choices of the night; Even Symone admitted, “I understand how offensive it can be, but I don’t want that to stop me.” And she didn’t let that stop her and turned out to be one of the more hysterical appearances. In fact, I really thought it might be a winner … that is, until she confused Jenifer Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence. That definitely blew her away.

* Denali as Jonathan Van Ness Eventually, this forgotten queen got some correct reviews from the judges, and they had nothing but good things to say about her overall performance. The energy, the tips of the hair, the collective vocabulary of a Lisa Frank sticker book … it was shockingly entertaining.

* Rosé as Mary Queen of Scots definitely looked like it. Was she funny? The judges seemed to believe that! In all honesty, I could barely make out a word she was saying, which is part of what Ru & Co. seemed to enjoy. Overall, I thought that this was always in danger of switching to the “too intellectual” category, but Rosé managed to keep track of things. And it was worth it for that denominational moment in Kandy Muse: “Baby, I don’t know who the Mary Queen of Scots is, but Rosé has that fun Irish accent.” How many times can a person go wrong in a sentence?

Now to the “blah” category, the harmless but uninspired performances that I didn’t hate … but which I won’t remember for long either:

* Tina Burner as Richard Simmons had a lot of potential but I don’t think it ever made it all the way out of the gate. The energy was definitely there, but the jokes just weren’t.

* Kandy Muse as Patrick Starrr was OK. I admit I don’t know much about the makeup mogul. Does he usually eat bananas without removing the peel? I did my due diligence and looked up a couple of his videos and I didn’t think Kandy really bothered to sound like him. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t terrible. It was just … was.

Now for the really horrific performances for which we must apologize:

* Olivia Lux as Tabitha Brown was really disappointing, especially considering how excited Olivia was to play her. On the other hand, I should have predicted it would go up in flames after Olivia said so much about her work during the last improvisational challenge. You know the one where she was literally a pantomime with no dialogue? She may have perfected Brown’s looks, but a few jokes would have been a plus too.

* Utica Queen as Bob Ross was a bloody nightmare from the moment we looked at that squirrel wig. (As Utica explained, she didn’t think it was appropriate to wear an afro in 2021 … which even Ru found completely insane.) And did she really eat that green color? I don’t care if it was non-toxic, it was weird as hell. And not good. Her whole performance gave me a great serial killer vibe.

* Elliott With 2 Ts as Rue McClanahan I wanted to put my hands in the TV and make sense of it (or at least some joke). Why would you play one of the Golden Girls – a show RuPaul admittedly watched 25 times to the end – if you weren’t sure you could absolutely nail Blanche Deveraux? [Pause to give Sophia time to make a joke.] The only good thing about Elliott’s flat performance was that it gave me a better understanding of how nuanced and complex McClanahan’s character really is.

I can’t fully say that Gottmik shouldn’t have won this challenge. Her Hilton impression was spot on, and her runway look – complete with Swarovski blood dripping from the huge safety pin sticking through her head – was phenomenal.

But in which universe was Symone just “safe”? Not only was she hysterical in the snatch game (aside from that Lewis / Lawrence snafu), her runway look was a moment too. Dressed all in white, with gunshots in the back and the imprint “Say your names” on her fascinator, she used her platform to make a powerful statement. I’m glad Ru acknowledged this before he got Symone to safety, but I would have preferred her to have stayed on stage like the top contender. End of ranting.

This week’s low point came as no surprise. The judges may have enjoyed Utica and Elliott’s runway looks – which were inspired by picnics and flamingos, respectively – but they failed too hard at the Snatch Game to avoid punishment. Utica knew she had to give everything to stand a chance against proven assassin Elliott … and she did just that. The queens who watched from behind on the stage seemed to live every peculiarity and every step to Uticas. While Elliott was a little sexy on Company B’s Bascined, Utica opted for a more comedic performance. And it paid off.

When the music was finished, Elliott and each and every one of her Ts were sent to pack. Would you have sent her home And who delivered your favorite snatch game performance (s)? Then weigh in using our survey below Leave a comment with more thoughts.

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