Dr. 90210's Wonderful Season One Transformations: See All Earlier than and After Footage

What a transformation.

During the premiere of Dr. In 90210, Dr. Kelly Killeen on a new patient Carlena& # 39; s massive mound. While Carlena stated in a confessional that she always had large breasts, they had grown exponentially since the birth of a baby.

"So when I see patients with huge breasts whose cup size is different from the scale, E is enormous, G is gigantic," noted Dr. Kelly in a confessional. "She is an M, what mother is, that is too big."

To cure Carlena's back pain, Dr. Kelly proposed breast reductions, including the removal of over 10 pounds of breast and fat tissue.

"Your breasts now match your body! The shape is pretty, they're higher on your chest where they belong, and it just looks the way it should be," concluded Dr. Kelly. "She is no longer weird … She looks like a normal beautiful girl."

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