“Double Homicide” # 1 trending on Twitter after Insta model admitted having abandoned twins

This morning, the term “double homicide” was the main topic on Twitter. And MTO News learned that all of this came down to a video – in which a popular Instagram starlet described the time she had an abortion on her twin babies.

The video was a clip from the upcoming season of the reality show Joseline’s Cabaret. In the show, a group of models compete for cabaret dancers.

During one scene, MTO News learned that Joseline was having a heartfelt moment with one of the women. The woman described how difficult her life is – and cried as she talked about her recent decision to have her twin babies aborted.

But the drama of the scene was soon interrupted – by a SAVAGE comment.

One of the other candidates can say about the candidate’s abortion, “Damn it. This is a double murder.”


The new season of Joseline’s cabaret will premiere next week on the Zeus network.

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