Don Diablo sells the world’s first full-length NFT concert for $ 1.2 million

Don Diablos Target Hexagonia The NFT concert hit the blockchain market on Friday and sold for a staggering $ 1.2 million in just four minutes.

The one-hour performance film breaks records as the world’s first full-length NFT concert. In addition, the transaction beats the SuperRare record for every NFT sale of a single item.

Diablo describes Destination Hexagonia, a project he launched last year, as “a next level sci-fi animated live concert experience”.

For USD 1,259,280 (600.0 ETH), the buyer of the NFT receives a hand-made box with a physical hard drive with the only existing copy of the virtual concert experience.

The project follows on from Don Diablo’s debut genesis NFT drop, which sold for $ 200,000 last month.

You might be wondering what one of the most popular DJs / producers in the world is doing with all that money. Much of the proceeds from the sale of Destination Hexagonia will go to Diablo’s HEXAGON Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting the needs of artists in the NFT space.

Other electronic artists like 3LAU recently broke records on NFT sales. There are sure to be many more to come, and NFTs are becoming a popular way for electronic artists to tease new music or accompany upcoming albums.

Watch Don Diablo explain his Destination Hexagonia concept below.

Don Diablo: Target Hexagonia

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