DMX received a Covid vaccine days before the heart attack – family says NO DRUGS! (EXCLUSIVE)

Rap legend DMX, real name Earl Simmons, is currently in intensive care after suffering from a massive heart attack. Early reports speculated that DMX’s condition was possibly due to an alleged overdose.

But MTO News spoke to a member of the Simmons family who believed it was NOT drugs that caused the heart attack.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview, MTO News spoke to the DMX family member who told us the rapper received the COVID vaccine about a week before his heart attack.

The DMX family member told MTO News: “[DMX] I got the vaccine when they opened it to people over 50. He got it so he could travel and perform, stuff like that. “

New York State opened COVID-19 vaccinations for people over the age of 50 in mid-March.

And the family member suspects that the DMX heart attack may have been a reaction to the vaccine. The family member stated, “Everyone [in the news] says that over and over again [DMX] had a drug overdose. How do you know? I am in the family and no doctor has told me about an overdose. “

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The family member is furious with speculation about DMX drug use. She told MTO News, “Yes, he has had problems with drugs in the past. But no one knows he had an OD. It is damned to be reported that way.”

She told MTO News that she – and the family – are considering taking legal action against news releases that prematurely conclude that DMX has suffered a drug overdose.

However, according to the family member, it is clear that DMX took the Covid vaccine.

The grieving relative stated, “He took this vaccine and he had a heart attack. I’m not saying the vaccine did it, but he has never had a heart attack.”

From December 14, 2020 to April 5, 2021, over 167 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States. During that time, the CDC received only 2,794 death reports from people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

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