DMX claims that SIDE CHICK & Kids are not allowed to visit him in the HOSPITAL !!

Rap superstar DMX died yesterday after spending a week in intensive care after suffering a massive heart attack. Well, MTO News is hearing reports of some of the DRAMA that went down in the hospital before the family pulled the plug on the rapper.

According to a family member, a Philadelphia woman who allegedly had a relationship with DMX was prevented from seeing the rapper before he died. The woman attempted to bring her 1 year old twins who she claimed were conceived by him.

The family member told MTO News: “[The woman] was not allowed to see [DMX]. Lots of people to see him and Covid restrictions. “


The family member continued, “Besides, we didn’t want any problems.”

The alleged side chick has been described by MTO News as “A Philly girl, she is Latina and looks 19 or 20 years old”.

DMX was in a relationship with longtime girlfriend Desiree Lindstrom, 28, they have a 4 year old child together. Desiree spent the last week by the DMX bed.

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