Destiny Numbers and Numerology

What are Destiny Numbers and Numerology?

The word numerology is derived from the Greek word “numbers” and “study.” It studies the significance of a person’s numbers. The numbers that are significant are those that appear most often in your life, such as your birth date, name, or address. These so-called destiny numbers can reveal aspects about you that may not be immediately apparent to you. For example, if you’re seeing the  number 888 quite often, but not sure why.


The numerology system assigns numbers to each letter in the alphabet. These numbers are then added together and compared with other number values to find meaning behind a person’s name, word, or phrase. Numerology is used as an aid by many people who want to predict their future based on their date of birth – but it can also be used for more mundane things like naming your new company or coming up with a product slogan. Whether you want to use numerology for personal guidance or just out of curiosity, there are plenty of ways that you can get started today!


Destiny Numbers


When starting your research into numerology, it helps to first understand what number values mean: 0 represents spiritual awareness; one stands for independence; two means cooperation; three signifies community and four represents creation; five is change, six means service and seven signifies faithfulness, etc, etc.


Now that you know what the numbers mean in terms of a person’s destiny, let’s take a look at some examples to apply your newfound knowledge:

– Shannon Lee (born January 27th 1969) – 32/03/04 = her destiny number is nine (i.e., three plus two equals five which can be changed to nine). Nine symbolizes peace and justice according to numerology. However, it may also represent an achievement from one’s past life such as completion of a specific amount of schooling for example. She could have been someone who was really into social activism or charitable work because those things are represented by nine under numerology too!


Is There Any Proof This Works?



Yes! There is a lot of research that supports the idea that certain numbers have meaning in numerology or destiny. For example, if your birthday falls on September 24th (i.e., 09/24), it’s likely you were born during this time because nine can signify “long-suffering before the accomplishment.” If someone has been waiting for something to happen but they do not give up hope, then this could be true about them too! It all depends on what number corresponds with their date and month of birth – like we’ve seen above.  Angel numbers are another popular term in numerology.


What Do Numbers Mean In Terms Of A Person’s Destiny?


There are different ways to look at numbers and what they mean, but here’s one way to think about it.


The first number for a person is the sum of their date of birth (i.e., September 24th = 09). The second number in numerology or destiny symbolism are the total digits that follow this initial digit on their birthday – so if someone has a four as the first digit followed by three more digits, then he would have four-three which equals seven!

What Does This Mean?

What does this say about them? Well, according to some sources, people with an even numbered destiny number may be very rational thinkers while those who have odd numbered destinies may excel when working autonomously. It can also show how they interact with other people.






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