Dax Shepard Shares Concern of Making Errors With His Daughters In Dialog With Hillary Clinton

In her 2016 concession speech, Hillary Clinton famously told “all the little girls” watching to “never doubt that you are valuable, powerful and deserving of every opportunity in the world.” 

Clearly, Dax Shepard was moved, so now he’s turning to the former presidential nominee for advice on how to raise his own little girls—7-year-old Lincoln and 5-year-old Delta—to make sure they know they are valuable and powerful. 

Dax chatted with Hillary for an episode of his podcast Armchair Expert, out Monday, Nov. 30. The pair talked about how to best raise empowered young women, after Dax shared his biggest fear as a girl dad. 

The Parenthood alum said, “I selfishly and egomaniacally looked forward to raising children, because I wanted to give them the tools that I felt like I had so desperately needed as a kid.”

He told Hillary, mom to 40-year-old Chelsea, “You had to have had similar feelings, ‘I’m going to have this girl and now I’m going to be able to give her the support and the education that I would have just thrived on.'”

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