Danni Baird addresses the rumors that Madison LeCroy and Alex Rodriguez teamed up regardless of his dedication to Jennifer Lopez!

According to some rumors that Alex Rodriguez, who is currently engaged to Jennifer Lopez, and Southern charmMadison LeCroy are romantically involved, Danni Baird addressed the speculations! Check out what she said about it on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast!

When asked about the subject, LeCroy's co-star said, "Months before I heard … she [LeCroy] had told me they were facetiming or something. And I just accepted it. I never got back to that or anything asked something. So I kind of forgot. It just wasn't that he was a major league baseball player. "

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While she didn't name Alex Rodriguez, it really sounds like she's suggesting that something is really there!

At the same time, an insider about E! News that "Alex doesn't know her and he never met her."

This came after a preview of Southern Charm's seventh season was released last week in which Craig Conover accused LeCroy of cheating on her husband Austen Kroll.

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Craig insisted that she go to Miami to meet a former MLB player!

Also, Andy Cohen teased that the man in question was not only very famous but also married!

But LeCroy said during the reunion show, “Take a polygraph test. I never flew to Miami, ”although she admitted chatting to the man who went unnamed.

"He contacted me and yes we did, but there was nothing else. I never saw him, touched him."

This just sparked a lot of speculation that the man they were talking about is A-Rod!

When LeCroy's sister, Kaci LeCroy Davis saw this, he pointed out that Rodriguez isn't married yet – not yet!

The man is engaged to none other than Jennifer Lopez and they seem very happy and in love!


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