Cynthia Bailey is featured in NyMag in an article on reality TV

Cynthia Bailey publicly shared her gratitude for being featured in an article by BYMag. Check out their message below.

One follower said, ‘Thank you @nymag for including me in your interesting and insightful article on reality television, “THE SOUL OF BRAVO!”. Listen! # rhoareunion13 @bravotv dress: @bridesbynona ‘

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Someone else posted this: ‘Yass Kenya next to Andy’ raise girls ‘and one commenter said,’ Kenya looked like she was in trouble and she explained to herself … she still looked flawless !! ‘

One fan said, “You Kandi and Kenya are such an inspiration. I live for you 3 girls ❤❤ ‘and one commenter posted:’ Omg, this season is being added to hulu Bc. I’m tired of Tryna finding ways to see it🙄 ‘

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One commenter said, “This is crazy the way you look Drew Sidora be yourself, never be ashamed of yourself. ‘

A follower posted this message: “Facts” I don’t know if you read comments if possible. Can you read my poems on my page? “Feedback from a celebrity would be great.”

In other breaking news, Cynthia Bailey looks amazing in this recent photo she shared on her social media account. Check it out below.

” It’s nothing like good energy, good food, good skin, good beat, good wig and good light! and not necessarily in that order! Thanks @jtavar_ for remaking and dyeing my new favorite wig. I called it Resurrection because you definitely brought it back to life, lol! “Work # workflow #glowup #photoshoot @seagramsescapes @hotlikefirre @ hair4kicks,” said Cynthia about her post.

Not so long ago we revealed that Cynthia Bailey took her new car and she made sure it was shown on a clip.

Cynthia always makes sure that fans stay up to date through social media.

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