Comic Majah Hype Reveals Home Drama: Harassment, Voodoo & Fraud!

The Facebook comedian Majah hype is trending worldwide today, just hours after MTO News raised allegations that he physically abused his fiancée.

Majah's fiancée Latisha Kirby said on a social media post that he had physically abused her for years and that she was sometimes unrecognizable. After the discouraging allegations, the hashtags #cancelmajah and #protectblackwomen started trending online and Majah responded to the allegations on his own shocking and emotional video.

In the video, he denied beating his fiancée and said He was the victim in a relationship. He said, "I'm not a bully and I never thought of being a bully" and said, "I still have love for Kirby to this day."

And in his opinion, it was his fiancée who hit in the relationship. He said, "I warn every man out there, don't allow women to hit you, don't let women abuse you," he said, explaining that as a man, he was ashamed of the abuse.

He also said she cheated on him. He found various text messages from other men, photos, and other sexual material in which she and others were involved on her cell phone. He once claims he watched her allow another woman to suck on her body and squeeze her bum right in his presence.

According to Majah, the worst part of their relationship was the emotional abuse. During their time together, he revealed that he had been sexually abused as a child by a male family member. He also told her that the abuse lasted four years. When they argued, however, she would throw the four-year abuse back in his face and call him "f @ gg * t".

He also said he never cheated on her during their relationship but admitted to flirting with "other people" after being called by his fiancé's name and having a "sexual experience" with another woman.

He also denied leaked sex videos of her, saying he would never do that because he loves her and takes care of her son.

Majah claims his fiancée used him for money, cheated on him, and hit him to boot. While fighting her and his feelings, he also had to fight her mother and that two of them together could have used "voodoo" on him.

The video is long but definitely worth watching. It's full of drama – almost like an entire season of a Tyler Perry show:

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