Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo return as Anti-Up with “Sensational” track [LISTEN]

Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo are back with their first Anti Up Single since 2019.

From the dynamic super duo that brought us “Pizza”, “Hey Pablo”, “Concentrate” and “Right Now” comes a versatile mixture of disco and breakbeat, which is presented as “Sensational”. The production fulfills the release of a highly anticipated ID and signals an upcoming Anti Up LP.

When “Sensational” starts production, he advocates the sounds of early dance music with a groove that is so real that you can almost reach it and touch it. Lake and Lorenzo achieve an analog feeling and quench our dance-thirsty souls with the raw, reflected energy that was heard in the 80s / 90s. The title brings its title home with full bodied chants expressing it by name – and “Sensational” is here to stay.

With this release, Anti Up are regenerating their movement and we are really excited to see where the project will take us next.

Listen to “Sensational” and let us know what you think!

Anti Up – sensational

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