Chet Hanks NOW Dating Love & Hip Hop Star Akbar V.

Chet Hanks, son of Oscar winner Tom Hanks, has a new girlfriend – Love & Hip Hop star Akbar V. Chet recently went viral after praising black women and calling this interracial dating “White Boy Summer” this coming summer. “”

Initially, black women swarmed the pretty celebrities on social media. But things changed after MTO News reported that his ex-girlfriend – a black woman – claimed Chet molested her and called her the “N word”.

After this report, most of Chet’s black female fans left him. But not all of them.


Chet was recently in Atlanta when he came across Akbar V, who lost a TON of weight. Akbar spat out a game on Tom Hanks’ son – and within minutes the love and hip-hop star was giving chet and spontaneous lap dancing. Akbar says the two see each other now (although it’s not clear how serious they are).


Here are pictures of Akbar V – and her slim new body:

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