Cheryl Burke and AJ McLean Mirror on Their Sobriety Journey as He Celebrates One-Yr Anniversary

AJ McLean is celebrating a major milestone with the help of his loved ones.

Over the weekend, the Backstreet Boys star opened up about his recovery from alcoholism, while also marking the one-year anniversary of his sobriety.

The 42-year-old star also discussed his journey with his podcast co-host and former Dancing With the Stars partner Cheryl Burke, as well as his friend René Elizondo Jr. 

“I’m gonna be one-year sober tomorrow [Dec. 7], which is insane,” AJ shared on the Pretty Messed Up podcast on Sunday, Dec. 6. “As long as I’m keeping my side of the street clean, I can’t worry about keeping your side of the street clean. And everything actually worked itself out. I feel much better.”

While touching on his accomplishment, the singer took a moment to thank René for always standing by his side.

“I was hiding it from my wife, or at least trying to, my bandmates and everybody else,” AJ explained of his past struggles. “But there was a certain comfort level with René, where he didn’t have to pull it out of me like everyone else did.”

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