Check out Ben Affleck Roast David Fincher to film as many takes

In 2014, David Fincher directed Ben Affleck in the psychological thriller Ex girlfriend. And apparently Affleck, entirely the director himself (Argo, The Town), has been stewing on it since then.

“My theory about you, after thinking about it quite a bit,” Affleck began to Fincher in a chat from Variety Directors on Directors, “is that as a filmmaker you have these two incredibly strong competing instincts. One is that you have a very have specific. ” The idea of ​​how you think it works best and how you would like it to be. And the other is the deep desire to discover something random, different and new in this process. I think this is the root of the famous Fincher’s relentless number of attitudes. Am I completely removed from the base? ”

Fincher paused before answering in disbelief, “Relentless number?” Affleck’s answer? “That’s a friendly characterization.” And then the two friends and coworkers collapsed in laughter, which is exactly the energy I want from such a silly filmmaker roast.

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The two then seriously discussed Fincher’s filming process while filming, with Fincher hoping out loud that people wouldn’t classify him as “punitive”. Affleck’s response was Fincher’s passionate support:

“I don’t think it’s a criminal offense at all. I love it. I’d rather make takes than set someone on fire or sit in my trailer. It was wonderful. It also relieves you as an actor of this notion that there is an end Line, there is an ending, “we will get it and there is an end and it will be achieved” so that you are constantly striving for something, rather you can just relax and keep doing it … it is like that ridiculous what we do and trying to make this feel real and just relaxed and normal is so much the struggle. And I think this process that you are doing, you get it, you get it. Most people in Your films, it’s their best accomplishment because they’ve had the opportunity to really explore and do it. ”

He’s not wrong, which shows in his work in Gone Girl which is clearly his best accomplishment!


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And Fincher, speaking to actors about his multiple-multiple take process, said, “You’re not doing anything wrong. We’re going to do three weeks of rehearsal, we’re going to read a table, we’re going.” If we open up outside of the city, we will have at least three previews, and we will do all of that before lunch with this master today. We’re going to go through all of this so you can get to a place where you say, “Yeah, I tried, I tried, and really, it’s over here.” And everyone can feel good about it [being] the thing we’re trying to tighten up. This is the lump of coal we’re going to try to turn into a diamond. ”

Check out the full clip of Affleck and Fincher chatting below, at least to see Fincher put his hands over his mouth and lean in like an excited kid for Christmas.

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