Catelynn Lowell opens up about her miscarriage in the Teen Mom season finale

Catelynn Lowell opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriage on Teenage mother Season finale. While fans already knew about it from their social media, Catelynn is now getting open on the taped show.

The reality TV star also shared how she managed to deal with the trauma, especially since it wasn’t the first time she’s been through something like this.

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During the episode, she tells the camera, “I woke up from a nap and was bleeding, so we delivered this baby. It’s hard, period. Anyone who’s been through it knows how difficult and how heartbreaking it is. It sucks because we were very excited. The reason I got this triggered when I had the first miscarriage [in 2017] was that it felt like losing a child again, and the trauma of being a 16 year old and passing your child on to someone really sparked all sorts of emotions. It’s just crazy what your mind can do. How it clings to these things and brings them out in different ways. ‘

Sure enough, viewers know that Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra put their first child, daughter Carly, up for adoption in 2009 when they were teenagers, performing at 16 and pregnant.

With a second miscarriage that still felt heartbreaking, the teen mom star was apparently able to deal with it much better.

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She shared, “I think the only thing that’s different this time, obviously, is that my sanity is in better shape because it’s not like being overcome or spiraled. I can say the mental health work I’ve done worked, but still it sucks and you still have a moment where you’re pissed off at your body. It’s super hard and it’s a traumatic experience. ‘

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