Cardi B casts shadows on SAWEETIE In New Music; Followers REACT !!

Rap superstar Cardi B and rapper Saweetie may be close to BEEF. And it looks like Cardi seems to want ALL THE SMOKE from the beautiful copywriter.

MTO News has spoken to people close to Saweetie and the great rapper is mad at Cardi. According to our insider, Saweetie believes Cardi is deliberately trying to "buck" her signature sound.

In Cardi's new song UP, Bardi says the lyric, "I know this is right." This is one of Saweetie's most famous signature tag lines.

The insider stated, "Cardi did this on purpose. She always has a subliminal shadow for [Saweetie] because [Saweetie] is prettier than her. She's jealous and wanted to fire that shot at her plate."

R & B SINGER SAWEETIES MOTHER IS GORGEOUS; Maybe more beautiful than her

Saweetie's buddy continued, "[Saweetie] gets cool because she's not trying to start anything between [Offset and Quavo]. But if Cardi keeps up with that, it gets ugly."

Cardi is currently married to Offset from the Migos. And Saweetie is dating Offset & # 39; s cousin and group member Quavo.

So far, Saweetie has not responded to the alleged shadow that Cardi threw her. But her aunt answered. Check out what Saweetie's aunt wrote about IG last night:


And Saweetie's fans compete against Cardi on Twitter:

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