Bravo Cancels Real Housewives In South Africa After White Cast Member Jumped !!

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg were canceled after black performers Brinette Seopela and Gugu Khathi were accused of jumping one of the white housewives, Christall Kay, MTO News learned.

“Gugu Khathi is the one who hit me in the eye, resulting in a black eye. She did this when I sat down and there was no threat to her,” said Christall. “I have evidence to prove this. She is scared of what she did and is trying to find a case against me. She is currently being charged.”

MTO News received reports that production workers and security personnel had to end the wild brawl. Christall was then taken to the hospital for treatment.

After the beatdown, other cast members claimed they were uncomfortable filming with “Bully” Gugu. They also called Brinette “cold” and “mean”.

Philly Khubeka confirmed that the show had been canceled.

“The third season of Real Housewives of Joburg was retired at this point. This is due to unforeseen circumstances during the production of the show,” said Khubeka.

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