Bounce Houses Are One The Most Popular Toys In America

Bounce House Rentals in Columbia, SC are available for family fun and for corporate fun-fare. Bounce houses are great for children’s parties, spring and summer festivals, church concerts, Community Events and other school activities.

Bounce house rentals in Columbia, SC has a wide selection of bounce houses from which to choose. They also offer rentals of bounce houses and a wide range of water slides. From traditional wooden water slides, to the newer more technologically advanced mechanical rides, Bounce House Rentals in Columbia and throughout the South Carolina area provide all the attractions for your family needs for an affordable price. There are indoor and outdoor water slides available for children ranging from three months to twelve years old. You can also find inflatable obstacle courses and many other exciting features to keep kids entertained.

If you are interested in renting one or more bounce houses contact us today

Our friendly sales associates are available to answer your questions and help you choose the right unit for your child’s birthday, school carnival, or just to relax on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Our knowledgeable sales associates are available 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. For more information on our full selection of water slides, obstacle courses and jumpers contact us today.

There are many things to consider when renting a bounce house in Columbia or elsewhere in South Carolina. You want to make sure the company is licensed to provide this service in your area, check to see if they use only approved parts and make sure the technicians are qualified to work on inflatables. Also check to see if you can get a guarantee for your purchase and ask about their after sales service, the quality of the products they will return to you in case they are damaged or malfunction.

If you’re interested in indoor and outdoor water slides, and are willing to travel a bit to get them, then renting a bounce house in South Carolina might be a good option for you and the family. If you are interested in indoor water slides, then consider picking up one or two of the units at your local indoor water park. Our indoor water slides are loved by most of our clients. They are safe, secure, and easy to use. You might consider renting an outdoor water slide to your child’s party. They have a variety of water slides and can be rented from local camps.

Our most popular inflatable rentals include the zip up bounce castles and the rock wall. We also carry other great bounce house rental items such as the magic loops and the obstacle jumpers. The zip up bounce castle is probably the most versatile item, you can rent as it can be taken apart and stored when not in use, perfect for those of you who are on the move. There are two types of zip up bounce castles: one with the standard base, and two with the inflatable base. The bases can be separated by a lightweight plastic frame to make storage easy. The rock wall is a popular choice for both children and adults. It comes in four sizes and has an attached ladder for safety. It is also available in two different styles; the standard one and a double side wall with a detached ladder.

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