Boombox Cartel Unveils Highly Anticipated 7-Track EP “Cartel II”

Boombox cartel dropped his first Cartel EP back in 2017 and fans have been begging for more, more, more ever since. Soon they will get their wish – this Friday he will drop Cartel II with four new ID cards.

Cartel II is America’s most exciting work to date and consists of genre-defying electronic music mixed with influences from hip-hop. The first single released by the EP was “Máquina”, the most popular single with fans, followed by the experimental trap collaboration “Shadow” with Moody Good & Calivania and the festival anthem “Reaper” with Dreamville rapper JID. The EP will also have a high profile collaboration with rapper Reese LaFLARE on “Fatal Attraction” as well as three other new tracks including the EP intro “MONTA” followed by “Rock Dem” and the final track “Veneno”. The combination of genre-bending songs and masterful production on Cartel II proves why Boombox Cartel continues to advance the scene as an important taste maker in the electronic music scene.

2nd machine
3. Shadow with Moody Good (feat. Calivania)
4. Rock Dem
5. Deadly Attraction (feat.Reese LaFLARE)
6. Reaper (feat. JID)
7. Poison

I come from his back FIVE MODE 2021 Livestream via Twitch earlier this month, Boombox Cartel debuted the Cartel II EP during the global stream, filmed from America’s hometown in Monterrey, Mexico, which featured unique acts such as Stuca, RemK, Sublab, Kumarion and many more artists from around the world .

Save the EP beforehand Here It will be in your library as soon as it falls!

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