Billie Eilish Breaks Down “the whole lot i wished” on Track Exploder: Pay attention

Billie Eilish and FINNEAS appeared on the latest episode of Hrishikesh Hirway’s Song Exploder podcast. The sibling collaborators talked about making Billie’s 2019 single “everything i wanted.”

Billie discussed the dream the song was inspired by, as well as the state of depression she had been in when first writing the track. Billie and FINNEAS both talked about their collaboration process, which involves sharing voice memos and improvising. “95% of the time Billie is there the entire time I’m working on production,” FINNEAS said. “Because she is so informative to it, and she’ll save me a ton of time. If she’s not there, I could really quickly go off the deep end into an area that she wouldn’t like, and so, Billie’s kind of always there to guide it.” Listen to the full episode below.

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