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Best RuneScape Quests To Improve Your Combat Skills

Oct 16

The game of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has a lot more than just combat. Players can improve their attack skills by completing OSRS quests which will give them experience in that category.

Old School RuneScape is all about making your character more valuable by improving their attack skill. To do this, you should knock out quests so that you can earn some experience, more OSRS GP, and get better at fighting monsters quickly!

Waterfall Quest

This place is the perfect intermediate quest to level up your attack skill. It doesn't have any prerequisites, so capitalize on this opportunity and get that extra EXP for training! Keep in mind that only members of OSRS can take advantage of it but if you want a higher completion rate then getting a RuneScape membership might be best for you.

To start this quest, first, make your way to Almera. She can be found near Baxtorian Falls and south of Barbarian Outpost to let you know that he’s searching for something in the river nearby. After talking it through she decides enough's enough so rides up on a raft to take matters into her own hands by sending your way! From there, things only get better as you arrive at an island where Hudon awaits. Besides the 13700 Attack experience, you’ll also receive 13700 Strength experience once you complete this OSRS quest.

The Grand Tree

The quest that grants Attack EXP (like the Waterfall quest), but also requires membership. Even though it doesn’t have any requirements, you should finish Tree Gnome Village first so that your understanding is better for what's going on with this new and interesting quest.

The roots of a great tree hold civilization together. The King Narnode Shareen has told you that something isn’t right with the Grand Tree, which is slowly decaying and must be fixed immediately if we want to maintain our Dwarven Stronghold from falling apart.

In a world full of chaos, one man has been tasked with keeping order. He is Hazelmere and he lives in the Grand Tree village where you can find him as a Creator to answer your questions about how things work within this twisted fantasy realm.

Once you complete the quest and you will receive 18400 Attack EXP, 7900 Agility XP, 2150 Magic EXP as well as 5 Quest points; not too shabby, right?

Monkey Madness

The Tree Gnome Village quest is a requirement, so you'll have to finish it eventually. But once that's scratched off the list and Monkey Madness comes into play--yes there are many steps in this long-term adventure that will require patience but also time invested.

After finishing this quest, you will be rewarded with 35000 EXP for Attack and Defense or Strength and Constitution, you can choose which skills you want to receive those experience points.