Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reportedly exchanged flirty emails while their relationship with Alex Rodriguez was struggling!

According to some new reports weeks before they were recently seen for the first time, Ben Affleck reached out his hand to his fiancé, Jennifer Lopez . Apparently the actor just wanted her to know he was thinking of her, but that wasn’t all!

A source tells TMZ that Ben started flirting with Jen via email and telling her how beautiful she is and more!

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This apparently happened while she was still in the Dominican Republic filming for her upcoming film, titled Shotgun Wedding.

It was around this time that her relationship with Alex Rodriguez began to have serious problems.

At the point of sale, it is mentioned that Jennifer replied to Ben and the two of them emailed each other. The flirty correspondence continued throughout her shooting time.

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While the emails remain private, sources tell TMZ that Ben would rave about Jen’s beauty and express how much he wished he could be in the Dominican Republic with her!

In the meantime, the triple threat would flirt again, praising Ben’s letter and telling him that he could “own her heart” with just his beautiful words.

During this time, Ben was also working and shooting The Tender Bar in Boston. The insider emphasized that the celebs didn’t even meet, but simply chatted online and reconnected.

At one point, Alex Rodriguez actually traveled to the Dominican Republic to try to save her.

In the end, it was unsuccessful, and their engagement was officially called off not long afterwards.

Two weeks later, Jennifer was seen hanging out with Ben in Los Angeles and they would continue to hang out.

They even went on vacation on Mother’s Day weekend, just the two of them!

Another source previously told HollywoodLife, “Things are casual between Ben and Jennifer right now, but it happens. She always said in interviews that he is the one who escaped, and she really means it … Everyone thought this was just for the press, but it’s not. ‘

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