Bella Hadid shows her curves in a black leather outfit

Bella Hadid is heating up Instagram with lots of sizzling looks and now she’s showing off her curves in a series of throwback photos the 24-year-old beauty posted. With 39.2 million Instagram followers, Bella has tons of fans who love to see her fashionable look. There was a lot of interest in the outfit Bella is wearing. It is available from Off White and sold separately.

The top that Bella Hadid Wearing it is known as an off-white logo print shirt and typically costs around $ 2300. The blouse is made of 100 percent leather and Bella looked sensational in the outfit when she posed in Paris.

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Bella leaned against a railing and pulled her hair back from her face in a sleek style. She wore two oversized hoop earrings and wore the blouse for a cold shoulder look.

She flaunted her tight stomach when she wore the top with matching leather pants, also from Off White. The pants cost around $ 2500 and have a sleek, straight-leg design. Bella paired the outfit with black high-heeled boots and fans loved the look on her.

Bella shared the following caption along with her photos.

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A year ago. I feel happy to be back to work. She always shines for me.

Lots of people left comments saying that Bella looked great in the outfit. You can see a photo of Bella Hadid wearing the leather outfit below.

Bella knows how to turn heads and is always the center of attention. In addition to the throwback photos, Bella shows off her flawless figure in a variety of stylish outfits. She also posted a video from her latest runway show, the Versace FW21 collection. The show was held digitally and Bella’s older sister Gigi Hadid brought her model back after giving birth to their daughter Khai.

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