Batgirl & Static Shock motion pictures will probably be streaming straight to HBO Max

The future of the DC film universe, at least part of it, lies with HBO Max. It has been shown that DC Films will not only grow on the theatrical side in the years to come. In addition to films like The Batman, which are slated for theatrical releases, Warner Bros. is also preparing to release several projects exclusively on the streaming service, with Batgirl and Static Shock cited as early competitors.

According to a new interview with DC Films boss Walter Hamada, both Batgirl and Static shockbeing developed by Warner Bros. are considered potential HBO Max releases. The report notes that the HBO Max exclusives are likely reserved for "riskier characters". That doesn't mean that the quality is perceived. However, these are not characters that are on par with an A-list character like Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman who is recognized worldwide. It also means these films are likely to have comparatively smaller budgets since they don't bring in box office money.

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Batgirl has been in development for a few years but hasn't found any real traction yet. Joss Whedon was at one point hired to write and direct the adaptation. Filmmaker Avengers left the project after working on the Justice League remakes. Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey) took over the scriptwriting duties after Whedon's departure.

Static Shock is a recent development. The film was originally revealed as part of the DC FanDome virtual event that summer. Michal B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) committed to produce the project. There is still no word about the casting or who could end up in the director's chair.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that DC will be a huge priority for WarnerMedia overall. The report finds that there will be up to four DC theatrical films per year in addition to these streaming releases from 2022. That means that if everything is lined up, up to six new DC movies could be released in a given year. That's a massive increase from what we've seen in the past couple of years. This is in addition to spin-off shows produced for HBO Max that tie in with upcoming films. There's a show for The Batman, which for example focuses on Gotham City P.D. concentrated. James Gunn also has a Peacemaker series that is currently filmed in the same universe as The Suicide Squad for next year.

The idea is to take advantage of the studio's most attractive features to attract HBO Max subscribers. As part of this strategy, WarnerMedia plans to release its entire film for 2021 both in theaters and on HBO Max in the US. This is due to the current lack of business at the box office as many cinemas around the world are closed. We will keep you updated as more details on these projects become available. We got this message through the New York Times.

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