Basketball Coach: “I am very proud to have a white woman”; Black Twitter answers!

Hubert Davis left many confused when asked if he was the first black head coach in North Carolina.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Davis spoke about his plans for the program before happening to reveal how proud he is to have a white wife.

Here is his white wife:

“I am very proud to be African American. But I am also very proud that my wife is white. And I am very proud that my three beautiful, incredible children are a combination of the two of us.”

People were shocked and confused when he answered a question that no one asked.

He later published a better statement:

“I love this university,” Davis said in a statement. “I played here, I graduated here, I fell in love with my wife here, I got married here, I moved here after I retired from the NBA, and I raised my family here. I am proud to lead this team and I can’t wait for what’s next. “

Here is the video:

And this is how Twitter reacted:

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