Bachelorette Tayshia Adams Reveals Which Man Is “Future Husband Materials”

When it comes to love, Tayshia Adams doesn’t play games. But the 30-year-old reality star was willing to sit in the hot seat and answer some burning questions about her Bachelorette suitors during the Dec. 9th episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Using her “Bachelorette generator,” Ellen DeGeneres had random phrases pop up on her screen and then asked Tayshia to reveal which guy fit that description. When asked which of her men were most likely to slide into a celebrity’s DMs, for instance, Tayshia picked Chasen Nick. And when asked which person was most likely to be drunk at a rose ceremony, Tayshia replied, “Oh that’s definitely Noah [Erb].”

Sometimes, she didn’t give a single answer. When asked who was the best kisser, for instance, Tayshia picked Ben Smith, Blake Moynes, Brendan Morais and Zac Clark. But when asked which of her suitors was “future husband material,” Tayshia listed only one name.

“I feel like all of them,” she said, “but probably Zac.”

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