Ava Max reveals the shaggy dog story behind her signature coiffure "the Max Minimize"

Take, for example, her dramatic hairstyle, the "Max Cut". A shoulder length bob on one side and long, flowing hair on the other. The cut was actually the result of an accident, Ava revealed.

"Everyone thinks I made this story up – which sounds like a made up story – and my mom even said, 'Girl, that sounds crazy. Did that actually happen?' I was like mom, it is actually happened, "she began. "I made cookies on my own one day. It was about four years ago. I started cutting a few wigs and dyeing wigs. I went through this whole thing."

Ava continued, "I think I want to change the way I look." And then I went down the stairs and forgot to cut the other side, walk past a mirror, look at myself and say, "I look literally cute, but psychic." It makes sense! "

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