Ashlee’s Events Covid-19 Rules

We all can’t wait to celebrate outdoors during the summer months and Ashlee’s Events is here to help you. This summer, we do have some Covid-19 rules  in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

Once choosing which inflatable or outdoor game to rent from us, there is a list of things you check off when booking. 

  1. We provide No Contact Delivery to keep your family and our employees safe. We ask that you, your children and animals are inside when we arrive to set up, as well as when we come to take down and pack up. Please let us know where the closest outlet is and where you want us to set up prior to our arrival. 
  2. All deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel due to bad weather conditions, we will issue you a rain check. We will not issue any refunds once the equipment is loaded and delivered. If a cancellation is made due to Covid-19, a rain check will be given for the deposit and you will need to wait at least three weeks before rescheduling. Rain checks will expire one year after they are issued.
  3. Any remaining balance is to be paid by either E-transfer or credit card the day before we come to set up. If you are paying cash, please have it ready for the driver upon arrival. Until payment is made, we will not set up. You will be notified of our estimated arrival time, no later than the night before the event. 
  4. Please make a clear path from the street to the set up area and that the area is clear of any large sticks, rocks, sharp objects, and/or doggie traps. Please have no vehicles in the driveway at the time of our arrival and if there is a gate, ensure that it is open for us.
  5. If, by chance, a ticket is issued for not following the rules related to gatherings set by the Ontario Government, we will not be held liable or responsible. 


We hope to have a busy, safe, yet fun-filled summer with many smiling faces and memories due to Ashlee’s Events. Call Ashlee’s today at 519-900-5062

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