Arca shares 100 new variations of "Riquiqui": hear

Arca has released 100 new versions of their KiCk i track "Riquiqui". The remixes, entitled "Riquiqui Bronze Instances", reinterpret the track with a new AI music software called Bronze.

About the new iterations of "Riquiqui", Arca said in a press release:

Did you know that until now I have never allowed anyone to remix an Arca song? To date there have been 0 official remixes of an Arca track – Riquiquí has ​​received 100 remixes of an intelligent feeling created and trained by the brilliant minds at Bronze. I've worked with bronze before. In 2019 I gave Echo Musiksprache, a musical that was born in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art, and then Echo started speaking on its own. You'll never hear the same thing twice there – for two years it's been an ever-changing stream thanks to Bronze's trained but unpredictable musical AI. I recognized the textures and melodies, but never the song – for a composer like me it remains something really new that I had never experienced before, a moment of unforgettable experience because of the mystery and wonder that bronze makes possible.

I came up with the idea of ​​turning the album cover for Riquiqui into a QR code that would act as an instant gateway to a forever mutating instance of the song. You can hear 100 unique instances on all streaming platforms, if you will. A Prometheus flame.

In addition to KiCk i, Arca reissued their 2013 mixtape &&&&& at the beginning of this year. Read Pitchfork's feature interview, "Live From Quarantine, It's the Arca Show".

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