Ammika Harris says she's formally a nerd – see her newest photograph

Ammika Harris shared a photo on her social media account of her wearing glasses and showing a toned body. Check out her post below.

Someone else said, "Nerds can be cute. Don't worry, little mom. You have that!" And one commenter wrote this message: "I have the top. Looks so good to you."

One follower said, "@chrisbrownofficial y tf did you leave this beauty" and one commenter wrote, "I thought black was your color, love the change."

Someone posted this message, "Hey sister, you have to teach me and help me get my stomach flat again. You look great @ammikaaa," and one commenter said this: "@ammikaaa, I know you are up feel and that's cool. Can you please. " Ask @chrisbrownofficial to post this song. Please call for dinner.

One follower said, "Idk if I'm gonna be the GOAT or something, but I know my music is clapping." Give it a chance and you won't regret it ???? ???? ’

One fan said, "I know it's been a while since you moved in. I hope that's not stupid of me to ask, but @ammikaaa do you have all of your furniture yet?" I love the simplicity of your home, the beautiful parquet floor and the beautiful design on the white walls. A tour please! I would love to see you decorated your home! ???? If you could add some pictures to a highlight? ???? Blessings to you and the adorable handsome little man Aeko! I love to see you both! I love your rest, keep smiling! Your beauty is ethereal! very elegant and graceful noble lady. "

Ammika Harris shared some videos on her social media account that impressed fans.

The videos work Chris BrownAeko's son on the beach and beautiful pictures that are very dreamy. Check out her last post.


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