Ammika Harris breaks the web with this photograph flaunting purple lingerie

Ammika Harris broke the internet with a photo showing off very special red lingerie. Check out the post she shared on her social media account below.

“Some things are @loungeintimates for a lifetime,” said Ammika.

Someone commented, “Ok, I see you ate your rice and cabbage. You didn’t have to step on my neck like that, “said another follower:” You have everything a man wants, and a mother too. That makes it even more special. ‘

One follower said, “@ammikaaa, I’m breathless. Who told you to snap like that? You look great, I need the secret.”

Someone else said, “I’m sorry – do you have obstructive apnea? Because you just took my breath away! ♥ ️ ‘and one commenter wrote:’ Okay, Chris, THAT inspired ???? “girls of my dreams”.

One follower said: “You post what you miss there, Chris, Lol.”

Likewise, Chris BrownAmmika Harris, the baby mom, shared a photo on her social media account that impressed many fans in the comments.

Ammika lives her best life with her and Chris’ baby Aeko. She keeps the fans updated every day and people are in love with her son.

The other day, Ammika Harris revealed the dream life in a photo of an artist she likes. Check out the picture she shared on her social media account below.

One follower said, “Love your videos, your voice is beautiful” and someone else posted this message, “This picture is very important to me.”

Ammika lives her best life these days.


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