Actual Housewives Cynthia Sues Ex-Husband Peter: ‘He SCAMMED ME’!!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is suing her ex-husband Peter Thomas for $170,000, MTO News has confirmed. Cynthia is hoping to get back the money she claims she’s owed over their failed revival of Bar One in Atlanta.

So what’s the lawsuit all about? Years ago, Cynthia and Peter bought a new property and were planning on rehabbing it and making it into the new Bar One in Atlanta. 

Well, the new Bar One never happened, and Peter has since moved the business to Charlotte.

Cynthia is now suing for her interest in the land they purchased together in Atlanta that was supposed to be the new space for Bar One. She’s been going around Atlanta, MTO News has learned, claiming that she feels “scammed” by Peter.


The lawsuit was filed on September 22, 2020 – before she married her new husband Mike Hill.

MTO News learned that Cynthia’s big storyline this season was supposed to be her marriage to Mike. But since Bravo refused to film the wedding, she’s looking for a new storyline – and the lawsuit is it.

Here’s Michelle ATLien breaking the news:

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