Ableton Lastly Pronounces Launch Date for Dwell 11 Improve

The hype for Ableton Live 11 is real and now producers everywhere have an official release date to look forward to — February 23, 2021.

The world renowned DAW is gearing up another massive upgrade, which boasts new features for creating the perfect take and adding more feeling and unexpectancies to your music. Plus, plenty of new devices, updated sounds, and live abilities to explore.

Ableton Live 11 beta users have been testing out the program for months now, in order for developers to put out the best possible software upgrade.

Coming soon with Ableton Live 11:

  • Comping
  • Linked-track editing
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression
  • Note and Velocity Chance
  • Tempo Following
  • 5000+ Sounds (70+ GB)
  • 17 Software Instruments
  • 59 Audio Effects
  • 15 MIDI Effects

Until Live 11 is released on February 23 — you can save 20% on the Live 11 Suite upgrade here.

Join the beta testing program here.

Ableton Live 11: What’s New?


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