5 Whitney Houston Films and The place to Lease or Stream them

Sparkle (2012)

Whitney Houston spent years securing the rights and releasing a remake of the 1976 Motown group The Supremes-inspired musical drama Sparkle. In 2012 she finally got her wish. Houston would never see the finished product or Jordan Sparks' inspirational performance as Sparkle Anderson as a film was released six months after the legendary singer died in February 2012. In the film, which was dedicated to the memory of the late artist, Houston plays Emma Anderson, Sparkle's arrogant mother who turned to her church after the end of her own musical career.

And while Sparkle may not be remembered as the best movie of its kind, it does feature some standout feats from Whitney Houston, Jordan Sparks, and the rest of the star-studded and extremely talented cast of actors and singers. With plenty of drama and even more musical numbers, Sparkle has enough to not only remember Houston's final on-screen appearance.

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