5 methods Marvel can introduce mutants into the MCU

March 20, 2019 … a day that will be in shame for Marvel fans. On that day, the merger of Disney and Fox officially ended and with it a pantheon of Marvel's most popular characters and villains like the X-Men, Fantastic-Four and Dr. Doom, to name a few. The burning question for Kevin Feige and Disney since that time has been how mutants are introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is no small feat, and each option has its own implications and difficulties of diving a literal encyclopedia of characters into an MCU that spans a decade and has already established a multitude of beloved characters like the Avengers. Below are the most plausible scenarios we can expect from Marvel and Kevin Feige. So let's get into that.

The Scarlet Witch creates mutants in the MCU

Scarlet Witch created the mutants in the MCU
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There has been much debate that Marvel's current Wandavision series is being loosely carried over from the & # 39; House of M & # 39; storyline, an 8-issue series from 2005 in which Wanda Maximoff ended most of the mutants by she simply utters the words "no more mutants". Based on this story, Cerebro estimated that 91.4% of all mutants were eliminated at this point, which is a figure in the millions.

However, since there are technically no mutants in the current 616 timeline, Wanda cannot simply eliminate mutants. However, since the "House of M" customization is only partial, Marvel could use Wanda's reality warping ability to do the opposite, which is to create mutants. We have already seen evidence that anything Wanda creates in her sitcom world also outside of the & # 39; Westview Anomaly & # 39; exists so that it is not beyond the scope of their powers or possibilities.

This would be a quick and easy way for Marvel to create mutants and bring them into the MCU.

Mutants already exist in the MCU

Mutants exist in the MCU

In the universe he created, Kevin Feige gave us a hint that mutants already existed in the 2008 Iron Man movie. Check out this deleted post-credit scene from the original Iron Man.

This clip shows us that at that time mutants existed within the Marvel continuity, although in "different" numbers, i.e. not many. It's also clear that the only obstacle to this reveal was a business one, as legal issues prevented Disney from using mutants as Fox had proprietary rights to that word and the characters themselves. Even so, it seemed like Kevin Feige was interested in promoting the idea that the x gene exists and has begun to reach a non-dormant state within the population.

Additional excerpts from the Wakanda files Give us another insight into the possibility that the dormant x gene currently exists and that both Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are mutants themselves. This universal book was written by Shuri von Wakanda while researching Hydra, and in it she states that Hydra found "genetic curiosities" among the residents of Sokovia that made them ideal candidates for their Mind Stone experiments. In these notes it was further explained that their exposure to the energy of the Spirit Stone released their latent powers. In addition, there is a separate passage that mentions that the "disgust for Tony Stark" twins also played an important role in developing their powers that the other Socovians did not show.

This is interesting because we know from comic book lore that anger, anger, or some form of emotional trauma often unlocked and triggered the mutated genes within individuals.

Mutants are introduced into the MCU via the multiverse storylines

Mutants are from the Doctor Strange Multiverse storylines

If these options are plausible and mutants already exist, a question fans have asked for years is where have they been. Why didn't they help in the Battle of New York or during the final? There may actually be some logical explanations for this, but let's just take these as they are and admit that these are questions that Marvel now needs to answer.

Enter the multiverse. As Wandavision launches Phase 4, it became clear that Marvel was headed in some bold new directions. Events will occur in this series that will have a significant impact on various traits and will affect Spider-Man 3, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and even the Loki Disney + series. All of them have multiple effects.

The idea of ​​getting mutants through a break in the multiverse would be pretty simple and could also explain the apparent absence of mutants and give us another clean start to the kind of mutants. Finally, from the production info on the set of the Spider-Man Dreiquel, it is clear that several villains are being added to the 616 timeline from alternate timelines, if only for a short time.

If different X-Men characters, different mutants, or other superpowered beings move into our continuity (or are available in other continuities) it would solve many problems and also provide some fascinating opportunities for future projects.

Thanos & # 39; Snap introduced mutants into the MCU

Thanos snap created the mutants in the MCU

At the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, Rocket said in conversation with the group: "When Thanos snapped his fingers, the earth became the zero point for a surge of electricity of ridiculously cosmic proportions …"

If we build on the earlier theory that the mutated x gene already exists in its dormant state, the power unleashed by Thanos, which is significantly multiplied by what Wanda and Pietro learned about the Mind Stone, would likely be a similar one yet have a greater effect on anyone with the same genetic disposition.

To reiterate, Wanda and Pietro shared a genetic anomaly that is likely to exist in others, although it may not match the measurable density seen in Sokovia. Even so, exposure to the Mind Stone unlocked her powers. Thanos' snapshot was taken on Earth, but with the power of all six Infinity Stones. And let's not forget that Earth was ground zero for no less than three snapshots.

The idea that the energy unleashed from the power of the Infinity Stones fuels the development of the x gene is not far-fetched.

A hybrid theory brings mutants to the MCU

Thanos, the Multiverse, Scarlet Witch, and WandaVision introduce mutants into the MCU

Now let's use a little logic and quickly analyze these theories to determine which theory is the most likely about how Marvel will bring mutants into the MCU. As with many things in life, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle of conflicting theories, and I think that's true here.

Basically, mutants already exist in the MCU, although they are likely not that productive yet. What Nick Fury said at the end of Iron Man is true. The dormant x gene is likely to appear in random individuals over many years when exposed to a variety of stimuli. More so, Thanos' snapshot likely exacerbated the mutation and evolution of the x gene, just as Wanda and Pietro's powers were also triggered by the Mind Stone because they themselves were exposed to the cosmic energy that the stones did Submit.

The multiverse or "House of M" theories don't work for a simple reason. They are way too simple. Kevin Feige has never shown the inclination to cover something so complex and important for the future of the MCU with such a basic idea and full of plot holes and absurdities. That "way out" would banish all of the clues and Easter eggs we've had over a decade of storytelling. In other words, I think it would make the Marvel brand cheaper. Everything we've seen so far has shown us that Marvel isn't taking the quick and easy way out.

No doubt Marvel has an answer to this problem and has already started implementing it. One thing is for sure, we will see mutants in the MCU very soon!

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