5 Causes Why Dredd Is, And In all probability All the time Will Be, My Favourite Comedian Guide Film

Dredd Is An Honest To Goodness “Day In The Life” Story Rather Than Some End Of The World Event

This might actually be my number 1 reason why Dredd is my favorite comic book movie, but I love how the events in this story are really just a day in the life of a character rather than some super major event. The whole conflict essentially takes place in one apartment complex called Peach Trees, and by the end of the film, his shift is over, and I love that.

The movie is similar in a lot of ways to the badass Indonesian movie, The Raid, in that Dredd has to get to the top of a building. But I think this makes for a thrilling action movie, and one where the stakes can still be super high for the characters, even if the story is relatively small. It’s all self-contained and it’s brilliant, and I really hate that we never got a sequel, because I would love to see where Dredd and Anderson’s stories could go from here.

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