3LAU sells document breaking NFTs for ultraviolet album for $ 11.7 million

3LAU broke new ground with the record-breaking release of the NFT album.

A limited edition collection from the producer Ultraviolet NFTs sold online for $ 3,666,666. Sales for 33 unique digital items were $ 11,684,101. The collection created by Origin Protocol is the world’s first tokenized album and sets a new record in a single NFT auction.

The highest bidder for the 1: 1 platinum level can work with 3LAU on a brand new single that can be played on the manufacturer’s custom player on 3LAU.com. Under the creative direction of the winner, the track will be truly unique. This tier also includes a physical vinyl with all 11 song NFTs.

Gold Tier winners will receive a custom mix, physical vinyl, and 7 randomly selected song NFTs. Silver winners receive the physical vinyl and 3 randomly selected song NFTs.

Ultraviolet was originally released in 2018 and this release of the NFT album marks the album’s third anniversary.

All levels and details of the sold out NFTs can be found here.

3LAU makes NFT history

???? History was made! The auction for the world’s first token album has ended.

@ 3LAU was built by @OriginProtocol and operated by #Dshop. It sold 33 unique NFTs for a total of $ 11,684,101.

This is a new record in a single #NFT auction. ????

https://t.co/4XmVj7VdAz pic.twitter.com/KZzlbBRj1Q

– Origin Protocol (@OriginProtocol) February 28, 2021

Source: CULTR | Photo via Rukes.com

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