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Brisbane Music Rentals

May 28

Brisbane Music Rental Services is renowned for its music scene, with multiple venues all within easy reach in the popular nightlife area of Fortitude Valley. There's a venue for your preferences, whether you like rock, blues or hip hop, western and country or even western and country.

Binary Music has partnered with Studio19 Rentals to offer an easy rental program. Simply click the RENT NOW button underneath the price of any instrument and complete your application online. It's typically processed the same day!

Student Instrument Rentals

If your child is beginning music, orchestra, or taking guitar lessons, Vivace Music has an instrument rental program that's cost-effective and easy to use. Studio19 Rentals has partnered with Vivace Music to provide a flexible, easy and safe rental program.

Students can choose any instrument on our website and add it to their shopping cart. Once they choose a bundle of gear, they can submit an application that takes around 10 minutes to process and get approved. The initial payment covers the trial period, as well as an optional accessory or book and the first month's payment. Then they make low monthly payments that can be paid off, transferred or returned at any time.

Stringed instruments include violins violas and cellos which are played by plucking or bowing taut strings. Percussion instruments can be played by scraping, hitting, or rubbing with mallets sticks, mallets, or even the hands of the player. Brass instruments are played using slides and valves to alter their overall length, and fine adjustments of pitch are made by the embouchure (the shape of the mouth). The Vivace Music Music Rental Program is a great way for your student to begin on a new musical instrument.

Renting School Instruments

If students had to purchase their instruments on their own and the music program at school would not be in existence. This is why rental programs were designed to offer a variety of benefits to parents and students alike.

Increased Student Retention - Renting allows students to "try out" an instrument without making a long term commitment. It gives students the chance to decide if band or orchestra is the ideal activity for them. It also provides a means parents to feel like they have a "skin in the game" without having to spend an excessive amount of money.

Regular Service - Reputable music stores offer regular service visits to programs and schools, allowing repairs and maintenance issues to be addressed promptly so that classes are not interrupted. This can be a fantastic time-saver for directors who may already be stretched thin.

Click the RENTED NOW button below the price to start renting an instrument right away. You will be redirected by Studio 19 Rentals, who manages all transactions and applications. They usually process applications in an hour during the hours of operation.

Corporate Instrument Rentals

Brisbane Music Rentals offers businesses of all sizes the chance to rent instruments for a low monthly fee. Our team is dedicated to providing quality music equipment at an affordable price. We are proud to offer Queensland's cheapest rates and will deliver right to your front door.

Instruments such as the double bass, viola, cello or violin that create sound through vibrating taut string. Stringed instruments can also be played by striking scraping, rubbing or rubbing them with player's hands or using a stick.

Binary Music has partnered with Studio19 Rentals to offer our customers a speedy and simple instrument rental service that won't cost you a fortune. The majority of our instruments have a "RENT NOW" button underneath the price. This will take you to Studio19's secure site where you can fill out your application. Applications are typically processed the next day.