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How to Navigate Kailua-Kona, HI

Feb 3

If you have planned a vacation to Kailua-Kona, HI, you are in for a beautiful run. The island has one of the best attractions and points of interest. There are many activities to engage in, and the views are immaculate. Once the date is set and marked on the calendar, you should have all the particulars of your travel. One of the things you must prepare for is how you can navigate the island. Here are some tips on navigating Kailua-Kona and Hawaii.

Landing at Kona International Airport

Kona International Airport (KOA) is likely where you will land if you go straight into the city. The airport serves the west side of Hawaii. Within the airport, two small restaurants are available if you are hungry on arrival. In addition, you could stop by and grab some snacks as you make your way toward your vacation home in Hawaii retreats Kailua-Kona

Car Rentals

Car rental is the best way to make your way through Kona Vacation Rentals. Car rental in Hawaii is much lower than in other islands as there is intense competition. However, almost everyone that visits the island uses rent-a-car as their main transport. This is due to the convenience that it offers.

However, if you don’t feel like driving around, you can get from Kona Airport to your rental area using a shuttle bus. This usually takes only a few minutes. If you opt for a rental car, it is advisable to reserve prior as many companies run out of vehicles during peak hours.

Stops to Make on your Way to your Rental

Before you go to your Kona Vacation Rentals., it is advisable that you pick up some supplies. Kona Costco is a great place to pass by before heading to your vacation property. It is an excellent place to stockpile local meats, fruits, wine, and beer. If you don’t need bulk food, Queens Marketplace in Waikoloa Resort and Kings Shops are great options for grocery shopping. There are also several restaurants in the area.

Scenic Drives

Going for scenic drives is one of the reasons you should opt for your own car rental fro your Kona Vacation Rentals. The road from KOA to prime rental areas is usually lovely. The road is full of majestic volcanic mountains and rolling hills. You will also see the sparkling blue ocean hugging the rugged coast.

Kailua Kona Estate

Kailua Kona Estate is strategically located to everything you need or want to do while in Kailua Kona. Book with us for a guaranteed lovely Kona Vacation Rentals.

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