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All About Sweet Bonanza Slot Machine

Jan 15

If times turn sour, it is best to put a sweet on your lips. Sweeten your gaming session with this new proposal from Pragmatic Play that moves away from the photorealism we are used to, and with a winning system that doesn't even require pay lines!

Sweet Bonanza: a bout of sweetness courtesy of Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a developer that has moved like a fish in water in the industry since the day they were born, in the not-so-distant 2015. And now they are once again making a name for themselves with an innovative proposal that breaks with the classic slot machine to create a slot hilarious and visually different.

As soon as you enter, the first thing you will think of is the famous Candy Crush game. It's not that they have anything to do with it, but the Sweet Bonanza slot has that sweet air, although there are not only lollipops and jelly beans but also many fruits, which have to be healthy.

The visual design moves away from realism to bring us cartoons and almost three-dimensional, and is accompanied by happy and vivacious music that is already warning you of how much fun you are going to have.

The turning of the reels, the big win bells, and other sound effects, are “cottoned” so as not to disturb, without ceasing to draw attention to what is happening on the screen.

In the audiovisual section, then, playing Sweet Bonanza is a 10 if you like that style. But come on, we already told you that the real grace of the Sweet Bonanza slot machine is not the graphics, but the game mechanics.

How to Play Sweet Bonanza Slot

Let's get down to the practical details on how to play Sweet Bonanza slot. Before you have a fantasy background, a landscape of sugar clouds and gummy mountains, framing a striking grill for its 6 reels of 5 rows in height.

As always in Pragmatic slots, the control panel is minimal, very simple and intuitive.

From the configuration icon (the little circle with some lines inside) you can select your bet, which can range from $0.20 to $100, which opens the slot both for players with a low or medium budget and even for high rollers. In addition, from here you can also configure:

Activate or deactivate the sounds and music of the game, as well as the home screen.

Activate the battery saver, which simplifies the animations to save battery on your mobile or tablet.

The fast turn, if you are one of those impatient who does not want to see the reels turn, but rather turned.

In the Information icon you will find both the payments of each symbol depending on your bet, as well as the rules and special functions, and other important details of the game.

In addition, you can check out the Sweet Bonanza slot winning tips and strategies.

Finally, from the AUTOPLAY button below the spin button you can configure between 10 and 1000 automatic games, as well as the speed of rotation of the reels.

And now is when you start playing… and you realize that in Sweet Bonanza there are no regular paylines.

The object of the game is to get 8 or more matching symbols, no matter what position they occupy. No order or line is necessary, just that there are 8 or more of the same type.

Once you do, the Tumble feature is activated, which is the equivalent of Pragmatic Play in Rolling Reels and other similar systems: the winning symbols disappear, and new figures fall from above to fill the gap until the grid is filled again:

If you line up 8 or more of the same symbols again, they disappear again and the grid is refilled.

If you do not get a prize, you go to the next roll as normal.

This mechanic alone already makes Sweet Bonanza a lot of fun to play. But we still have a lot to tell you.