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Pool Table Rental in Manchester

Dec 28

As sports go, the pool hasn’t been around for a very long time. Kicking off in the early 1900s, it’s only been around for about 100 years, but this has done nothing to stem its growth and popularity. The pool in Manchester, UK is a trendy sport, though most people don’t have space or the money to have one inside their home. To make up for this, visiting a venue that has a pool table on lease in Manchester is one of the only ways for ordinary folks to enjoy a spot of pool. Once word gets around that a business takes on one of these tables, punters will quickly start flowing in, with the excitement surrounding something like this being palpable.

Pool Table Rent Manchester are attractive and take up a good amount of space, enabling the right venues to turn them into somewhat of a feature piece. With your logo printed onto the felt surface of the table, your customers will always be able to remember where they are, even when they’ve had one or two too many.

Prince Pool Tables

All pool tables are supplied brand new from supreme the leading manufacturer in the UK there based in Heywood Manchester, They are match endorsed and played on by a number of professionals in tournaments, and their tables are magnificent.

  • The Prince is available in 6ft 7ft and 8ft versions and available in endless cloth color options.
  • Precision ground Italian slate and quality English cushion rubbers.
  • Endless lists of cloth color options.
  • Available with custom branding cloth if required.

Winner Pool Tables

Probably the most popular pool table in our venues. Our winner pool tables deliver top-notch features that you’ll be happy about.

  • Our Winner Pool Tables are available in 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft.
  • Adjustable Feet/Legs to aid leveling.
  • Precision ground true Italian slate.
  • Endless lists of cloth color options.
  • Available with custom branding cloth if required
  • Large range of cabinet color options to suit your venue.
  • Enjoyable league standard play for all customers.

Why Hire a Pool Table

Compared to pool table hire prices, the money which can be made from a machine like this can be shocking. It only takes a few games per day for it to pay for itself, and most venues find that their pool tables get a constant flow of players. Of course, when people are in to play pool, they will also be buying drinks, and this is another side to consider with our Pool table hire service.

Work with Diamond Leisure

As an independent business, we’re not tied down to any suppliers or brands, giving us the power to pick and choose the equipment we provide to our customers. Not only does this enable us to provide a custom finish to many of our machines, but it also means that we only source our entertainment gear from the very best manufacturers. With quality machines and an excellent reputation to match, we’re confident that all of our entertainment devices are money-makers. We also offer Arcade Machine Rent Manchester, Fruit Machine Rent Manchester, Jukebox Machine Rent Manchester, and Boxing Machine Rent Manchester.

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