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The Best Journey Tribute Bands

May 14

Top Journey Tribute Bands

If you love the music of Journey, you may be looking for the best Journey tribute bands. These bands are able to capture the magic of the original band's music and bring it to life on the stage.

Listed below are a couple of the best tribute bands. If you need more information, be sure to see the definitive countdown of the best Journey tribute bands here. Otherwise, read on to learn about a few of the best Journey tribute bands. We hope you enjoy the experience.

E5C4P3 - This band covers Journey music with incredible note-for-note accuracy, bringing to life the high energy of a live Journey concert. Their visuals make it impossible not to be mesmerized by their performances of Journey's hits. Their performances capture the feel and energy of the early 80's Journey concerts. The band covers all of the hits from their discography.

Resurrection is a journey band that will take you back to the 80's, capturing the sound and lyrics of this legendary band. The lead vocalist of this band is a dead ringer for Steve Perry, who sang with the band. Their stage movements are authentic, and the band can match the original Journey lineup. In fact, in 2017 they closed out a STYX concert in Quebec. Their live performances are unbeatable, and they have performed on multiple occasions since.

AJT - An all-star Journey tribute band whose members include Sawyer Brown and Jo Dee Messina - are also excellent performers.

Whichever band you go see, you'll be sure to hear all of Journey's greatest hits and have one of the best times of your life!