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The Importance of Comparing Movie/TV Streaming Services And Subscriptions | BOB

Dec 22

The Importance of Comparing Movie/TV Streaming Services And Subscriptions

In general, many different things have changed since the first moment that people went online. For the most part, they can satisfy their requirements on the web. This is regardless of whether we are talking about shopping, hiring or searching for info about a range of services. Today, streaming movie and TV channels are exploding in popularity, led by the giants like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime 


As of now, you can select among many streaming services to satisfy your needs. However, such a large choice comes with a huge downside. It means that it can be quite challenging to pick up the best service subscription option that suits you, on your first try. What's more, the chances are quite slim that one streaming service can provide you with your wanted range of favourite TV shows and movies on one subscription. It's one of the common reasons why some people prefer subscribing to multiple services. That gives them the choice they need but, of course, potentially increases their monthly expense significantly. 


If you're looking for a straightforward way to make subscription comparison much easier then a good comparison tool or service is essential. Only then can you truly arrive at the best combination of service and subscription level to suit you.


You do not have to know all the details of every streaming service to determine which one is ideal for you. The only thing you will need to be sure of is what you would like to watch - and how exactly you would like to watch it. After you know this, you can narrow down those streaming services that can fit the bill (as well as fit your budget). 


What would you like to watch? And how would you like to watch it?


Now, let's take a deeper look: what would you like to watch?


If you are only really interested in watching live TV, then you will most probably require a "skinny bundle" live TV streaming service. Quite frankly, you will only need one.


Of course, some forms of live content are usually available via other means. Are you a die-hard baseball fan? Perhaps a subscription to MLB.TV may enable you to reduce a skinny bundle cost and remove that element completely. It entirely depends on what you would like to watch.


Movies and TV Shows


Now, let's talk more about movies and TV shows. What are your actual favourites? Would you like to watch new releases? What is your take when it comes to the original movies and in-house shows that are offered by Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and others? Such considerations will help you to narrow down your choices.


For instance, some people would choose Disney+ over Hulu for various reasons. If you have younger siblings or kids who adore watching entertaining shows and cartoons, it might be worth thinking about Disney Plus. Of course, it will also provide seniors with something to watch apart from childhood content. Whichever service is involved there will be variation in what they offer, to who and at what cost.

What about your budget?


Okay, obviously there is another factor that affects the number of streaming services that you're really going to purchase. Of course, we are talking about your budget. You need to create a budget early on in this procedure.


Assuming that the reason for your streaming media setup is primarily to substitute the TV content that you normally used to get via cable or satellite, setting a budget is pretty straightforward.


Based on your specific situation, this may leave you with somewhat of a breathing room! Compare your different options and then crunch the numbers to find out how different plans cost. However, this all feels complicated and time-consuming. What is really needed is a tool or service to make it a whole lot easier.

Choosing BOB


One such service is BOB ( This service is a social streaming discovery that allows users to discover great shows and determine what streaming services they can subscribe to. Comparing subscriptions and what they offer feels suddenly a whole lot easier. With streaming viewers sharing and listing titles, this is exactly what TV browsing was meant to be.


As a BOB user, you also have a chance to link with what your family and friends are watching so you will forget about accidental spoilers. You can also make recommendations that no machine algorithm can match - because you know your friends and family.


What should you be subscribing to right now and how do you find out. The BOB app is the next generation tool to make such decision making that much easier.